Choosing beta testers?


we’ll definitely bring in some people from the forums. still working out details for others.

Selected Beta Testers

Sounds like a plan :ok_hand:


In the beginning i think the best is just programmers that Dom known, and them he invite people from here or friends to try the new app


Yes that is the best


People who want the best for V2


Great, Thanks Dom!


So excited!!


Thanks for the reply Dom


i am hyped boiiiiiii! Hopefully I get selected as beta tester?


great thanks dom


How many people are you planning to have on the beta?
PD: I’m not talking about us, the forum members, but in general.


oooh very nice :smiley: cannot wait @dom


I think @dom will use a mix of individuals. People from this v2 community as well as former artists and staff. It’ll be interesting to see!


I think that’s a great idea. It’s good to have a mix of individuals, maybe some staff and some former artists as well. Get ideas from many groups!


please just tell me where do I sign up for this :joy:


i was gonna say, if theres just dom and staff theres not that many beta testers.

for good and more relative/realisitic beta testing you need a decent group of people


Please tell, are they gonna choose?like hand pick them? Is it not out for everyone or at least 10,000 users limit or something


Please Select as many as you can from the forum


Who we are gonna be notified? If choosen


Let’s pick names out of a hat! Close your eyes and spin really fast