Choosing beta testers?


How do you think the beta testers should be selected?

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I think they should be some artists and staff. As they’re closer to Dom.


I think @dom should make people in community forums the beta testers as wider audience can get more bugs quickly


Yeah I definitely agree with you, but I imagine that only around 40 people will be in the beta


Beta testers should be chosen from active, non-Toxic, helpful and EXCITED v2 forums users. Around 100 or 200.

Also, that should remain as a secret or fake people will flood on Forums to get in the beta.


Hunger games.


Sounds dramatic, a fight to the death :scream:


I volunteer as tribute!

How do you think the beta program will be?

I do not :joy: I’m too young to die


I like it :laughing:


I like the idea. We should be the betta testers.:ok_hand:


There will probably be a decent amount so bugs can be caught but if it’s a closed beta then you don’t want touch leaking out because people could be mad they are not in it or get really excited that’s it’s coming out soon but actually still might take a while to release


As Jose said, content creators would make sense. I also think that he should invite people from different fields, such as animations, stop motion, magic edits, etc. This way we can cover a greater area.


I agree. If we are beta testers it can be kept a secret a lot easier.


THIS 8char


Lets see what @dom says


Yes, I agree. Instead of just having loads of testers just doing eg. comedy or music have creators doing a variety of different content.


Nose goes?


I believe it should be limited and very topic specific.


I think that the beta testers should be new people who are a part of the community and aren’t already famous that way they can bring new people to light sooner