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So I have a problem at the moment with a character who can like use portals or teleport from place to place, but I’m not sure what I wanna do with her. Shes a historian, and I thought of a book, but that would just be weird and bulky to carry around. A reminder that this is a universe that doesnt have much modern technology, because of a big war that ended up sending them into the Early Modern Period, so we’re talking the time around the fall of constantinople, rise of the aztecs, and italian reniassance (1400s-1500s) but there is still technology from the modern world, so basically like an adventure time sort of thing.

Ive just been having alot of trouble with this aspect. I’ve been writing and re-writing constantly, so I might as well ask you guys for some help :slight_smile: thank you, have a good day!


Achoo bless me

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How about a stopwatch or pen like in time warp trio?

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How would the pen or stopwatch work though to make el portos?


For the pen, the calligraphic strokes could be used to draw a circle and then open it, and the stopwatch could just be a projection of some sort, although I realized this isn’t time travel so maybe the stopwatch wouldn’t work. :0

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The pen is a really interesting idea tbh, i like that.

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How about a weird necklace that when she turns it opens portals

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How about a knife or a dragger which she could use to cut a hole in space/time

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I like weird necklaces


This would be a good idea, i just hope it wouldnt seem like it was copying SvTFOE

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Remeber reading about writing scripts. Maybe this will help. You can find it in the library too: