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Changing / Deleting 'New User Of The Month'

The new user of the month badge has been kind of confusing for a long time. The badge is assigned to the two users (created in a given month) who are the most interactive. A better way of doing this would just be to have a user of the month badge, where potentially there could be a vote each month and the person the community votes the user of the month is given the badge. This wouldn’t require any plugins, and could just be done using a poll!

The badge could even be set as the users title, and removed at the end of the month (but the badge would obviously stay)


The alternative to changing the way the badge works is to just delete it, which isn’t too difficult to do, however I’d much prefer to see the badge changed.


dom is the new user of the month


Why is voting better than using an automated system?


For allowing users to actually choose someone that they collectively feel has contributed in a given month? A bit of community interaction never hurt.


Is there a difference between “New User of the Month” and “User of the Month”?

Because I think a “New User of the Month” is actually a good idea. I know that some people who are new here feel like they are on the outside looking in when they see the small, tight group of people that have formed friendships here, who also happen to essentially run the entire forum and Byte Discord.

What this forum needs is a way to make newcomers feel not just welcome, but noticed, included and encouraged to participate. A “New User of the Month” may be one good way to do that.

I’m not so sure about voting, though, for the same reasons I mentioned above. Too easy for these votes to be rigged and would just encourage unneeded competition and tribalism. If there’s an algorithmic way of doing this, I’d prefer that so it’s completely unbiased.


User of the month doesn’t exist, it’s just part of the idea as to how the badge could be changed!

It could be added as a completely separate thing, doesn’t have to exist instead of new user of the month!


existing members currently have to interact with the account that’s awarded the new user of the month badge:

there is, and it’s being used

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are you wanting this deleted bc it’s the only badge you can’t get

you’re missing tl4 which i can also never get, like i said, it just doesn’t really do much as it is, and it could be better

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most of the badges do nothing. they’re just badges we earn for a bit of fun and achievement…

i like that new users can get the new user of the month badge for being active and cooperative

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:thinking:hmmmm I do agree that the “New User of the Month” badge needs to be changed to just “User of the Month”. But voting for it is a terrible idea…too much bias and besides the same people would get the badge multiple times. And using it as a title is unnecessary…a star/symbol will just do.

All badges should be achievable… “New User of the Month” is kinda unfair. (It has a time limit) My first month on the forum I kept to myself because I was kinda shy. A big forum of complete strangers can be intimidating to introverts. So I do agree a “User of the Month” badge should be created. And if you got “New User of the Month”, you can’t get the “User of the Month” badge. (just an idea)

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