Cereal or milk first?

  • Milk First
  • Cereal First

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Dunno if this was discussed before,so here it goes


neither. I eat cereal plain bc I hate milk LOL


Milk is a gift from God wtf are you talking about?


If you put the milk in first, when you go to pour the cereal in the milk it will splash everywhere.


Cereal first DUH :smile:


I do milk first…hehehe kinda seems dumb now


WOW SMHSMH. Unbelievable


The only thing I will drink with milk is hot chocolate because the powder takes away the horrid taste of it. But I feel like I really don’t like it because a drink being white intimates me. I’m just weird like that idk.


Yeah but if you put milk first the cereal stays crunchy


Eat fast then


If I did actually like milk I’d probably put the milk first for that reason


Yeaaahh,milk squad :grinning:


Okay so… I put in milk first because I heat it up before I eat cereal…


To the people who put milk before cereal…

Are you f***ing insane?! :joy::sob: that’s as bad as drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth damn


Milk poured straight into the box like the pros


Milk Goes before. Ive got a friend who is súper weird and ate cereal with water instead of milk, just if you wanted to know :joy:


If you do milk first the top of your cereal mound just gonna stay dry? Do cereal first so the milk can pour over and through he cereal to have a more consistent texture and flavor!!


I’m lactose intolerant. Sooo… #N/A


Psychos do milk first, sorry not sorry🤷🏽‍♀️


Psychos don’t like milk… so me yeah ok cool