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Censorship on byte

I’m a little concerned that V2 may have the same problem Youtube is facing at the moment. I’m worried that some users may get censored for disagreeing politically and socially in regards to @dom and other V2 devs. I really do hope that V2 becomes safe grounds for everyone’s opinions, and that users who question the status quo wont be censored or banned for what they believe.


People can get just a little too sensitive online.


I don’t think it will be too radical… some censorship is good, but I think we’ll be able to get away with saying a lot…

Well I became specifically worried after viewing how quickly @dom shut these two down in this twitter thread. I don’t want to have to be worried about getting censored for my political views. I do see very small circumstances where it’d be viable, but I think everyone should have the right to speak their mind. I don’t see myself posting political opinions of V2 I just think that right should be extended to everyone.

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I understand where youre coming from, but this is to ensure that people dont go to far

All social media platforms are bound to be censored in some sort of way because the administrators of said platforms need to, at least, make sure to censor illegal content uploaded based off of the laws from the countries where these platforms can be accessed. :balance_scale: Some of these types of administrators also censor content based off of the ethical principles of the administrators. :busts_in_silhouette: I really hope the byte team establishes a clear guide for creators on how not to be censored on byte when the app goes public. :writing_hand:

Youtube was taken over by advertisers. They don’t make the rules anymore…the big companies do.
And big companies have strict policies because it helps profits.
I don’t wanna see Byte babysit its creators. We should be allowed to express ourselves fully.