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Can we talk about the new logo?!


Ok, so earlier his majesty “Domathan” sent out this image

As you can see, it follows a similar pattern that the old logo did (see below).
The theme he’s put out is just a regular shape, but it goes behind itself and cuts off (like the curve of the V)
So @Dom has definitely gone for a similar pattern with this, does this mean that there will be more similarities to the first app then we thought there was going to be?

Leave what you think below.


could be, interesting deduction tho.

what i wanna know is IS THAT A “D” or a play play button


Whaaaat. Where did you find this?


on twitter he spammed the letter b and said here’s a hint but not blurple


hey you used my name! awesome!!!


If you flip it 90 degrees to the left, the logo looks like a B tho


i’m sad it’s purple and not green…


“The color doesn’t make the app. The people do.”


on twitter :3


Oh shit you right


So apparently there is questions about the new logo.

In my opinion the name is so well done. My only concern is about the triangle logo that looks a bit outdated already, but I think it is a matter of treatment. So here’s is my proposal

The logo with vibrant colors and a rounded corner triangle duet. What are your thoughts ?


This ain’t it chief


Tbh I love it. If the original one wasn’t shown to me

I’d definitely pick this.

Perhaps the original would look better with the rounded triangles idk


I agree. I think keeping the same color scheme but making the triangles slightly rounded could help out.


Reminds me of the Airbnb logo.


If that is a legit logo, it looks really cool!


Hahaha you’re right


well damn, i cant get the image out now lmao!

but yes def try the circled triangles

can someone try to photoshop the current triangles to be circled


i agree, should be like that


i love that