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Can I promote an empty channel here? **UPDATE: I UPLOAD VIDEOS WEEKLY**


Your banner looks so good! If you put up some videos I’d totally think you were a professional YouTuber from the looks of it. Trust me when I say I understand the nervous/don’t know what to do thing! I’m definately the same right now and I just started posting random videos. I look forward to seeing anything you come up with. I guess you could try posting different kinds of stuff too and just figure out what it is that you truly like.

vivalakani channel


As Of Now:
I already uploaded my first video. Come check it here. It’s a rushed Q&A video and I actually don’t have an idea what am I doing


Congrats on your first vid! It’s really good! I can’t wait to watch your channel grow :smile::heart:


I will always be bumping on this thread whenever I post a new video because I don’t want to sound spammy on this forum so here ya go. a new video

That is an unboxing of a new phone.

More content coming every week :slight_smile: