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Can I promote an empty channel here? **UPDATE: I UPLOAD VIDEOS WEEKLY**


Hello y’all. So I have this empty channel since last year but I am having trouble on how to begin doing something on it. Maybe because of my lack of confidence, I’ve become hesitant to do stuff that I aspire to do. Now, I’m promoting it here just in case it can help me boost my self-esteem (jk but half meant)

Here it is (I am not clear to myself on what I want to do with it but I am also thinking of artsy stuff as well as those youtube things but idk)

Tell me what you think. I am open to feedback, criticism, suggestions, motivations, ideas, and friendships

Nice to meet you all. Have a nice day and I am looking forward to good times with all of you.


Hi! I love your YouTube banner & profile picture! It’s quite aesthetically pleasing. I’d definitely love to be YouTube friends with you, smaller creators should help each other grow! You can sub to my channel here:

I promise to sub back & watch all your content when you post it!


Thank you sooooo much! Subbed. Lookig forward to be friends with you


same here!


shameless plug :electric_plug: :crazy_face: (I already have videos up by the way)


Same here!!


hi :)) can i leave this trash here?

bird box made me do this

ok love yall :,)


Just do it and upload your art. I believe in you😃


You can look up online YouTube video ideas like a vlog or challenge. Stay consistent in your videos and keep promoting it here and your channel can grow :+1:t2:


Thank you so much. I appreciate it :slight_smile:


Subbed. You have a great channel


I already subbed :slight_smile:


I love it :smiley: Subbed


I’ve been doing that. Thank you


EEEEEE thanks :,) :heart::heart::heart::pensive::pensive::clap::clap:


Hey! I really like the profile pic and banner too! It’s very cute and looks professional! In terms of what kind of content you should make, I would say just do what youre passionate about! I have always wanted music to be my end goal, so everything I post is about that. What’s your end goal? Whats your hobby? What makes you stand out? Maybe you should see what your passion is then go from there! Good luck :slight_smile:


It is frightening but fuck what people say. The one who’ll live your life is you, (that sounds kinda stupid but it’s true) so the only one who should really be taken into consideration is yourself.


Thank you


That’s very helpful, I needed it today. Thank you


Yout welcome. Just wanted to show I cared