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Byters Why Don't Want Sponsors

Sponsors are great, and a source of income, but shouldn’t be the only source. Why? What if the sponsor goes out of buisness, or drop you because for a myriad of reasons. Having your own subscription based app, and/or website is the way to go. Use these platforms, to promote your own independent app, or website, instead of relying on the platform. At any time these platforms can die out, or drop from monetization like Youtube has done to many content creators on their platform. I’m not saying don’t get sponsors, but diversify your sources of income, and realize sponsors are not your only source of making money off your passion.


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I think sponsors are the safest way to make money on a regular basis. And you dont even need to be that big of a Youtuber for sponsors. Im sure also some creators fear of their own brands or other forms to make money would make less or eventually flop.


Other ways you can make money besides sponsors or subscription based webiste is to do live events, and charge for that, sell t-shirts, or coffee mugs. While the point of these platforms is to be bascially one giant infomerical like google and FB, if one can diversify themselves out of one source of income they won’t have to only really on that. Any money I get from sponsors I plan to put into my own app. I’d much rather my control than have to deal with the terms of service of many of these services. The rules are so vague they can be used against any content creator and that’s never changing (in my opinion)

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