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Byter's byte?


As the Vince’s successor will be called The Byte, what would you call the content creators?
Byter? Bytes? Bits?
*Bc byter sounds a bit funny though😂


def gon be byters cant see anythin else


honestly, creators should be called byters, but should be said diffrently so it doesnt end up as biters. videos probably byts


Someone said b-artists. I kind of liked that. But, whatevs. I’ll be a byter.:sunglasses:


‘The Vince’s’ lol you mean Vine?


Idk man, I kinda feel like we could reinvent the way people hear ‘Byte/Bite’ ya know? It could be a longshot, but it’s still possible.


Ya right. People are most used to the ‘viner’ concept. But it’s still not impossible to divert it


i really think its not a big deal or impossible for the change to happen tbh, byters seems to roll of the tongue more easily


My favorite two suggestions are Byters and Bytestars


Byters… it sounds as people who bite


I also prefer bytestars


That’s the reason why it sounds funnier to me…


dirty bit


I like byter as the term and then bytestar for the most famous ones, like when you get the little check mark next to your name


u said the forbidden word


Bity-bity-bities, preferably. But realistically, I think it will be byters.


I don’t think Vine is forbidden anymore. I think it’s just < i z e 2 that’s forbidden, even though we already got the name for the app settled.


lmao i think it was a typo


Two months later


SpongeBob SquarePants timecards lol