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Byte vs Vine


Will byte ever compare to its previous self?
Vine was a god that stood amongst Youtube and Twitter.
Will byte be the same, or better?
I don’t think it cant, i just think it would be very hard, it would have exponential growth at the start but it may slow down and fall behind.
I hope it does but will it?


There’s literally no way to know number wise, but as a platform I feel like it will be stronger than vine was


It will take a while to know how it varies from :vine: . We can only hope it lives up to it’s full potential.


It ultimately all depends on the community are we gonna hold it together longer than vine did ?


Regardless, I’m just happy to be here. :man_shrugging: I don’t concern myself with the “what ifs”.


Let’s not compare them. I known it’s kinda inevitable but let’s just do our best, we might become better.


I keep telling my friends about byte, but a lot of them just argue that it won’t happen. They don’t believe that Dom is actually doing it.


I mean tell them to check his and Shilly’s twitter

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There will be doubters about this app. However I’m starting to see some changes here on the forum. More people on here, and more importantly, more people their original youtube, and instagram content. Only time will tell how long it lasts. Will be interesting how this platform will monetize itself in order to stay afloat


well, tiktok is really up there…and tbh if tiktok didnt exist id believe byte would be easily number 1.

its up to the community to make it work


I believe byte will have a stronger community thanks to the forums. We already have a tight bond.


Hopefully it stays this way


Honestly I’m not sure but depending on how other platforms view byte like for example if all YouTube’s said it was really cool millions of their fans would download the app and try to get big on it but the most probable scenario will be people making fun of it so and making reaction videos like they do to tik tok but I think that helped make tiktok big I just hope TikTok like videos don’t come from byte


Yeah , we wouldnt mind big youtubers laughing at Byte because that is free advertising right there… the minute they speak about it their fans are bound to check it out


I mean, times have changed… because of what is socially right now a days I think it will be hard to live up to Vine. I watch some old vines that I still laugh at now and wonder how people would react now. It’s all up to us if we want to make it like Vine or make it like Instagram, or YouTube, or whatever other platform… It would be nice to have the same scene as Vine did.

“do it for the byte!”
“I ain’t gonna do it.”


Yeah but it could have the same reputation as TikTok

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The problem as I see it is that TikTok is too lopsided. It’s primarily voice/music dubs with random effects. Not too much comedy content (granted I’ve not spent much time so teh algorithmz might not have had a chance to do their thing)…

The other problem is that TT is a foreign product…and not from just any country, but China. I know a lot of people, myself included have doubts about installing software on their devices from that country. Sounds terrible, but it’s the reality we live in.

I’m thinking that Byte, an American produced and trustworthy product, with a strong community at launch, might just have what it takes to dig its heels in and succeed. Though ultimately, it’s up to us at first and I think we’re going to be just fine. I know I’ve personally been hyping it up to friends and coworkers so get that word of mouth going!!


I think we shouldn’t copy any vine things, and make new trends


I don’t think it should be like something else it should be fresh or how vine was in its glory days, I didn’t even know vine existed when it was a thing so I still don’t get those references you just said ahhaha


I agree ^-^ i just say “do it for the byte” as a form of hype, to me its ironic :stuck_out_tongue: