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Byte vs Tik Tok


:rofl: people really think til tok is competition for byte, vine 1 had 0 hype when it came out and it paved the way for memes and stars tik tol been cringe since it was musically people have been waiting on a reason to not have to look at Tik Tok and plus the love vine had which byte now has Can Not Be compared, I really don’t think Tik Tok will be a problem for byte when it launches what about y’all ?


Hate to be that person, but:

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It’s been 10 hours @annam


I’ve felt this way for the longest. But I never said anything. lol

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The major difference is Tik Tok users have 15 seconds to lip sync over old Vines, or comedy sketches already been invented by other people. Byte users only have 6 seconds and forced to make and create there own original ideas for there video, this is why we think Byte will do better and become popular! Byter’s have to actually come up with new content, making the users become unique and have more fun. Alot of people are saying its Vine, but Dom and his Byte team are very clever, they have gotten people in the community to give feedback on what they want! through beta, a very important survey like tool to help an app grow. We don’t think anyone should worry, we have seen many people grow on Tik Tok and have there dreams come true, for example growing there singing career! And If your a Byte fan then thats awesome! were looking forward to Byte and cant wait to be part of the community of creators that all believe in the same thing. No one should be worrying you do what you believe in! :star_struck:


:crown: I want people to keep one thing in mind, VINE had 200M active users when Twitter shut it down, Byte is the only app with over 82k followers on twitter ahead of its release, many news outlets have been talking about Byte. The flame vine had, will reignite into BYTE. Sexual predators won’t have a free pass on Byte, it’s only 6.5 seconds Vine never had issues with them. We have to get the Western World teens back. :star2: :fire: :fire: :star2:


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It really depends on how good our content as a platform is going to be. New vines or bytes have to be fire since Memes and Cringe on Tik Tok make it popular.

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I saw the title and replied without reading the post. Here’s the reply:


But seriously, TikTok paid a lot of really popular and influential people to endorse it so people joined and followed those creators and saw all the funny content, and stayed. That was TikTok’s strategy.

Byte won’t have that budget, but people might just join because of Vine’s reputation, in a way byte already has a good footprint in people’s minds.

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Why yall still mad about tiktok? Seriously? Its a god damn app lmao. There is no ‘competition’. I dont think TikTok would give a shit if Byte came around because theyre already a huge influence to CERTAIN PEOPLE and certain places around the world. Byte will too. Yall salty over nothing i stg


I hear you :joy::muscle:t5: But I must say, calm down I was just giving my thoughts on what I have been seeing and asking others for theirs, there is no “y’all” but this topic is literally the only question all blogs are asking so it’s cool to here ppls answers

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Don’t think its so much a a byte vs tik tok competition rather they will each serve their own niche. In the case of tik tok its the young female demographic 13-14 year olds, while byte will still have that, but alot of people in their early 20s and late teens will be on it from the people who remember in high school when this app was first released. Anyways thats just my two cents


Lmao my bad.

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