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Byte Streaks


Maybe you could get a counter on your profile saying like how many days in a row you’ve posted a byte, or maybe every day that you and someone else like one of each others posts?

Not sure, let me know what you think! ty @Rafiki for sending me a streak and inspiring this idea xx


pretty good idea! it would definitely encourage users to post more. however, the byte team should tweak the feature a bit in order to make it easy to differentiate it from the Snapchat streak feature to avoid any legal issues.


ohh that’ll create a lot of pressure for creators :joy::joy:
i loved that feature on snapchat though


I like the idea but my only problem with it is that it will lead to lower quality video and take the fun out of making bytes as it will start to become a chore that you have to do every day to keep that streak.


was thinking about that… It’s intended to keep people consistent, but that could definitely happen.

It wouldn’t have any benefits, just a thing to show up on your profile, so it isn’t the end of the world if you lose it


I like the idea but we might have to change the name seeing as well ( Snapchat Streaks )


With the option to hide it or show it would be good


I think we’ll be able to earn badges on the app. Earning badges in forums was fun.


I was gonna say hell no because I personally don’t like sc streaks but having that twist with having streaks by posting and not by sending messages actually sounds good.


I actually like this idea!


I don’t like this idea at first it would be cool but then just turn in to a task, its better left on sc


it wouldn’t be a requirement, it gives no benefits so you only do it if you want to!


interesting idea

On the plus side, more content. My concern is that it would incentivize quantity>quality though


I’m not sure this would be such a good idea as it would encourage quantity over quality, and that’s not really what you want in an entertainment based app


That’s pretty cool


The same problem YouTube has


I think it might be a cool idea if the streak was implemented to the burst idea that Dom posted on Twitter a while back, this way you could have a streak and the quality of the main bytes you upload would not suffer. But over all imo I don’t think byte needs streaks.