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Byte stories


no way, i don’t want stories. that’s what every other social media is for. it’s stale and unoriginal.

dom pls no


I don’t think I’ll ever use stories outside of Snapchat… byte will be able to compete with other apps regardless of that feature.

Personally, I like having different apps for different things, instead of everything in one place. It promotes more followers on different platforms depending on what they want to see from you. that’s just me tho.


I personally don’t think stories would be very useful in this particular app, but I do think some sort of community tab would be a great way to keep people updated on your post. As far as “the homey feel” I think whether it’s a post or a story there is a way to make anything “homey”, it’s all in how you word it. Also, when people are watching your content, they already have an idea of what your personality is and can connect that with your post. Hoping that this makes a little sense.


I think it’s a good feature, but I’d advise against it for byte. If byte wants to stand out as not just a copy (which it already does), I’d steer clear.


i initially didnt want stories, but reading this kinda makes me want it for that purpose cus i do use it alot both on snapchat and instagram


I also think it’s a good idea because a lot of your audience might not follow you on other platforms such as Instagram/Snapchat so byte might be the only place they can watch you, so posting on your story will help your audience know what your upto in life, but I don’t want like 8392929 videos on it !! There should be a max


Idk because the app itself have short videos and maybe adding more short videos probably won’t work out. However we don’t know until we see how people react to it


as short as the individual content will be, stories could still work on byte.

as long is it doesn’t clutter the UI it should be fine


im hoping and praying it won’t be a feature on it. will ruin the uniqueness for me.


yeah maybe a story alternative would be better
something like an ephemeral post, but not with the whole “stories” setup


uhh I think story is unnecessary because I rarely check my Instastory because there’s a lot of people spamming something weird and stuff.


Please, no


I think it could work, but maybe different from the other platforms, with a limited number of posts or exclusive for pics, I don’t know! I know this sounds a bad ideia, but we can’t ignore the fact that social media network competition is hard, or you create something really inovative and/or unique, or you just can’t compete with the other players on the market. A few months before V**e shutting down they give the ability to some of us, creators, to post longer videos (3 min), I’m not sure if it could’ve worked cause we never saw that feature leave beta, but thats is the kind of feature thats at firs looks bad but maybe necessary.


Stories overrated but stories alike thing will increase the engagement between people. But no stories it should have been stopped after Instagram.


I don’t think Byte should have stories just because I want it to be simple. If you want stories just go to insta.


same. I don’t think having stories on byte is a bad idea. It’d be cool


I feel like dom will come up with something even better