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I know Instagram got a lot of hate for having stories because people accused them of stealing from snapchat, but I really enjoy the Instagram stories feature and I use it almost daily! YouTube also started a similar thing, but only youtubers with 10k subscribers could use it.
What do you guys think? Should byte also include stories?
I think it would be a great thing that wasn’t in v*** in the first place


I think its a good feature and id like to see it in the app.
Its a good place to post announcements and also stuff you wouldn’t post in your main feed.


There was a similar conversation about this a while back. A lot of people think stories need to stop being a thing on every social media platform. Personally, I don’t think Byte should have stories :confused:


Stories should have stopped after Snapchat and Instagram tbh


idk how i feel bout stories on an app that’s videos are 6.5 seconds long
Maybe they can make it work, or test it slowly like youtube is testing stories right now, but idk


Or you could just make a post


But posting something makes it a lot more “official” idk. Also you’ll have the ability to post pictures too


i like the idea :smiley:


didnt you just say that adding things delays the apps release dates and makes the app buggy??? btw dont (@) dom hes a busy person and if he wants to browse the forums he will


would love to have stories in byte or even a community tab like in you tube


no i think byte should have its own unique feature


And another thing video editing takes less effort than stories because you need to
1 writing the code for stories
2 finding a private server domain
3 getting access to that domain
4 having people test it

and side note why not just make posts the whole point of stories is quick clips to show somthing but guess what… thats the whole point of this app making stories is redundant its just the same as a regular post


I don’t really think there should be a story feature tbh :thinking:. Have absolutely nothing against stories and they’re cool but nearly every app has it already :woman_shrugging:t6:


so promoting a 6 second video with another 6 second video from a different catagory?


I agree with you !!


well you’re right (from other post) I don’t have much experience with computer programming, however, speaking from experience there were countless situations when I’ve tried to test out in-app editing that made the app crash and made me lose all my content all together, stories, in my opinion, take up less time than the content to make and are not held to the same standard as content due to it expiring in 24 hours (usually, some apps differ).
My apologies, I believed one was to tag Dom every time there was a new idea one’s written, and I won’t do it again.
Going back to your point on making the clips as your posts, I’m going to go back to the standard of the content you post. for example, if you constantly post comedy and skits on your feed and suddenly post idk a selfie (like one would on their story) it just won’t fit right… idk let me know if this doesn’t make sense


Wouldnt it be weird that the videos are 6.5 secs yet the stories are longer ? XD


Hmm… idk.


I think having stories definitely could make it more homey and make it a household name. I think it would be good for creators to update or show their followers what they do in a day. I also think it’d be good for people who don’t use other social media. I think that’s would make it more of a normalized platform.


Now that I’m thought about it… I change my answer and I lowkey think we should have stories but restrict it to only a certain amount a day