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“Byte” statistic


Based on Dom’s recent tweets, we know that one of the unique, defining features of Byte is the level of profile customization. So far we know we can toggle lots of stats, change the color (blurple FTW), and that there are a lot of quirky extras thrown in, such as your astrological sign.

It would obviously be a CRIME to not include a statistic for how many bytes of content produced/consumed. Not bytes, but BYTES. Zeros and ones my guys

I rest my case


It is a cool idea, cuz… the name’s byte.




I like he rebyte idea being able to turn it off and on as you with and getting a limited amount per day


Yeah that is a really cool feature.


thanks for the support. i will be running on this platform as an independent in 2020




That would easily get to multiple terabytes in a short amount of time.


that’s the goal!!!