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as much as i like this idea, i also dont like it. people will probably hate it if their favourite user/creator isnt in the video.


That would be really dope. And I’m sure byte would actually listen to its creators and users.


OMG!! Love this idea!


Not like YouTube rewind* we don’t need 10million dislikes


If I could control rewind…I would want… mark-ASS brownlee and fortnite


and publish it where? :joy:


Byte lol, Dom could make the video length longer than 6 seconds for that specific video, or just put it on the byte website.


As long as it’s nothing like the last 3 YouTube rewinds


100% like this idea


If it lasts a year in sure everyone will be willing to do this!


This would be be an awesome idea! Perhaps it could be called something along the lines of “Byte Back”? You know, like a combination of “Byte” and “throwback”, since the whole premise of a Byte Rewind is essentially one large throwback.


maybe we could call it ReByte?


you usually can’t please everyone tho, there’s always gonna be something missing


I like this! Just wondering how it would work, how will we be able to fit everything from that year into a 6 second looping video?

Maybe Byte can have short content & long content like Instagram has post & now IGTV to compete w/ YouTube so it could work I’m excited.


I was also thinking that, but rebyte is already essential gonna be this app’s “revine”, so it’d probably be best to keep the names different to avoid confusion or people associating the two


Yeah, still not in stone tho. Also it could be both, because you’re kinda re-ing both in a sense.


thats a good idea :heart_eyes:


I do like this idea seems great


Yes. I like this idea. I’m so interested