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Sounds incredible!


I had the idea of creating maybe an special feature only to post the rewind at byte where dom can upload the vid even though it is longer than 6.5 secs. Posting it in YouTube would be really ironic. creates his own app uploads the anual vid in other platform


That’s honestly a golden thing to do :raised_hands:t2: Well Thought :muscle:t2:


I like this :ok_hand:


that names great woa


One massive video with all the most popular byters… for only 6.5 seconds.

i lov it


No :joy: (8char)


or something like “camp unplug” would be cool with byters no matter their following


Omg I literally watched this again yesterday. amazing!!!


Its better have the bytches


best believe I’m gonna be in that


If it did that though, it would need to stay in touch with it’s audience and not be like rewind 2018.


Who says they won’t stay in touch?


I really like this idea. Would be cool to maybe be in it. Also, as mentioned above, another thing similar to Camp Unplug would be sick.


it better be better than rewind


People are mad at Youtube for not including there favorite creators in a 7 minute video, how would they feel about a 6.5 seconds one :joy:


oh ye like the biggest byte compilation channel could make it


It better be genuine and honest tho. fr none of that youtube garbage we just saw. it’s gotta be realll


If they made it like yt rewind this year, I’d immediately give up and uninstall the app :joy:


Awesome idea !!!