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At the end of every year (like youtube rewind) all the byters and trends of the year have to come together for one massive video. I’d love this to happen, it’d be so awesome.

The byte meet-up

omg yes that would be great


I would love this too !! but it could be called something different than “rewind”


That’d be awesome! It could also allow new artists to rise to prominence.


i second this,


BYTE BACK! its a good name


Tbh that’s a really good Idea, I would love to see it every year, would be very awesome. :pancakes::yellow_heart:


Would it be at the end of the year or in spring after a year of release?:thinking:


End of the year.


I loved this idea from the very begging!


Lovely idea


I like it! Hopefully it doesn’t stray too far from its creators and origins cough cough Youtube.


WE control rewind this year…


Boring! We want Pewds vs. T-Series.


Omg that would be super amazing! But will the video be posted on YouTube because I’m not sure a 6.5 second video will cover much of what went down in a year :sweat_smile:

Or maybe the Byte creators will make an acception for their annual “rewind” video and just post a full length video on the Byte app.

Anyhow、I hope they find a way to make it happen because we need something better than YouTube rewind


If feel like posting the video over the 6 seconds for that specific video on byte would work


I was actually thinking about this last night. I think this idea would be dope and would help to give this platform longevity.


Yea I definitely agree. It would make the most sense being that the videos target audience is the Byte app users.


That would be really cool!


nice! I volunteer as one of the editors!!