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Byte Releasing Spring 2019


Ooh exciting stuff


I absolutely love the name and am excited for its release! Cant wait! :smile:


lol, one day calling it v2 will be so nostalgic…

I legit am so hyped but I don’t want bandwagoners and basically(tik tok/ trendy peeps) to get on it…

But even if it does happen, that doesn’t mean it’s the end!!! aaaaahh!!! hj y pe e!!!


if there isnt a blurple easter egg in this app ill lose it


haha im still trying to correct myself when I talk to my friends about v2, err- i mean byte :joy:


I’m excited to see how this ends up.



That’s like 4-7 months away

May seem like a lot but damn it feels close


gggGGGGGG You’re right dude!