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Byte Name Seems a Little Weird




Hey @dom, how can you say it’s “byte” and not “Byte” when you don’t put attention to detail?

I love the idea of this app, but I also love detail. I’m pretty sure you’re the admin of your G Suite organization, take a look at the name on your Admin settings.

Look at the footer, your G Suite organization name is “Byte”, not “byte”.

Also, one more thing:, really?! That platform sucks, you have to move to Namecheap.

I also see you are using Zendesk, that’s okay, Slack uses it also.




I saw that you changed it @dom, not a single “thank you”?


just be thankful he did your request


Wait one sec: now I have to be thankful for helping?

It was not my request, I don’t care, it’s his app, not mine.

I just told him what he did wrong, he noticed and not a simple “thank you man”.


@reds You appear to be entitled to recieving a “thank you”. Yes, it would be nice, but you should just be satisfied that what you requested was simply fixed.


I don’t know why it’s very hard for you guys to understand this…
I’m done with this, I’m not gonna even try to explain it again. Have a good one :wink:


I know everyone is talking about the name, but I’m curious about something else: do you, OP, know just how much work goes into being an influencer? And may I ask for your motivations to being an influencer?


I like “byters” cuz it sounds like we’re biting people. stay away and aware.


:joy::joy::joy: true!


LOL. True. :laughing: I am going to BYTE you.