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Byte Name Seems a Little Weird


Bits sounds as beats, we are the beats that give rhythm and sound to the byte app. What about that one eeeeh. But meh, bytestar, byters, it’s the same.


Lol you r right


You’re going to get used to it, but it still sounds good


byte sound like “bite” which in french is a way to say penis so where are my penisers at ?


byeting will be a-dick-tive :joy:


We are byters, but I think it would be more catchy to call the videos bytes versus calling them bits. “Hey, look at my new bit.” “Hey, look at my new byte.” I think I’ve made my case here.


i feel like even though the name changed, the community hasnt people will still call them vines and viners


I do, in fact, believe that is true, but I really hope most people can learn to begin calling them bytes. It would really show how we’re okay with change, no matter how minor. Plus, I think I might be one of the only people who loved the name of the app from the start.


ya its grown on me and i completley agree with you that the only thing that can ruin the byte community is the byte community itself lol :joy::joy:


The name has grown on me and i kinda love it now


Nah the name Byte isn’t weird. Nowadays in 2018, vine seems like a great name for a looping video app. However back in 2012 / 2013, there must have also been people who greatly disliked the name “vine” and found it weird to name this app over a plant. I love the name byte and would definitely prefer it over vine. For those who don’t like the name, just give it some time, and over time the name will grow on everyone and seem like the perfect name.


I still love the vine name, but byte is seriously really cool :laughing:


“Yo, you saw my new byte?”
"Yeah bro, I really byte it.


@Rafiki You really nailed it on the head there man. Exactly my thoughts


Thanks :ok_hand:


i agree man


Rafiki, you got this downpacked lol


I really agree with Rafiki I also do believe that the name will grow on us as the app is out and gains popularity

It’s bound to happen


Yeah, I love the name. If anyone doesn’t like it, they can byte me!


Lol :joy: :joy::joy: