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Byte Name Seems a Little Weird


Theres no doubt that I am super excited for Byte and im hoping that it will help me live my dream of being an influencer and im very thankfull to Dom Hoffman for giving this oppertunity to me but am I the only one who doesnt like the name. I mean if someone uses the app they will be called a Biter. Edit: ok so ive been thinking about it and even though the name has changed, the community hasn’t, so people might still call the videos “vines” and the creators on the platform “viners”.


Obviously there would be loops, it’s a video looping app just like the original yoo


I like the app name though lol


I believe you are

  1. Byte stars
  2. The functionality of a loop feels more like a feature; as much as looping videos would be nice (which I’m not sure of atm), that means the other social media platforms can possibly copy it (which endangers the app)

P.S. why need loops when ya got bits


There will be loops, it’s just as the original app. Anyways I like the fact that we are called bitters, it’s cool. But meh, the name is the less important thing, as you said, the opportunity of having vine back is what really matters.




I like it because it’s like “Bite-sized” videos and “Byte” like a computer byte.


The name is totally fine. It’s short and sweet. Offers up content in bite-sized portions.

It’ll do, pho sho.


I love the name and have to admit was skeptical at first but now I feel like there couldn’t be another name better than byte


Same it took some time to grow on me but now I’m okay with being a byter


I think this topic is still a solid foundation for naming creators @Evan_Myers


It’s hard to judge a name before the app has been made public. I remember years ago when I first heard about “Vine” I thought it was a stupid name and I couldn’t figure out why it was called that. Now, when I hear the word “Vine” I only think of the app and I forget that it’s a plant and the name seems absolutely perfect. Hopefully it’ll be the same with “Byte.”


It’s byte, not Byte. :stuck_out_tongue:

byte stars

(okay, the last one is a joke)


You, the community, will come up with the most favorable terms for these things and it’ll be fine. Ultimately: are byters/viners really that different from one another, or is Vine just the name I picked in 2012 that has since become colloquial, and byte just the name we picked in 2018?


the stars have aligned and everything happens for a reason. byte is gen x :metal:t5:


never been more woke




I like Byteists. :grinning:


Definitely have to grow on me, but I dig it though loll. I think it’s different, but my support remains the same!!! I think we should be called byters or byteists, and the videos could be called byts or bits. Can’t wait!:raised_hands:t4::raised_hands:t4:


being a byteist kinda sounds like we’re part of a religion. Cool!!!