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Byte musicians?


hey there! i’m a beginner guitarist and i’ve been thinking about making some musical loops when byte is up and running! how about you guys? if you have any songs or covers you should show them to me!
(bonus points if you’re into surf rock or dream pop)


I decided on a different niche, but the thought of doing covers has crossed my mind a few times since then. I’m planning on learning ukulele in the new year, so who knows! Anything’s possible.
Good luck to you, and hopefully we’ll get to hear some sweet tunes from you on byte!


well if there is a adding sound option i would


are you self taught or getting classic guitar training? good luck with it! i hope to see your covers on byte (:


i am self taught, thank you so much!! :sparkling_heart:


no problem!! see you on the flip side :blush::wink:


Yeah! I am a guitarist as well, and a vocalist! I’ve been working on fleshing out my solo sound and will definitely drop snippets of my songs pre-release on byte!! :grinning: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Meeeeee! :raised_hands:t5: Black girl magic :gem::gem:


I got some music. Almost at 60,000 plays on Spotify!


me too! I’m going to be making some groovy/euphoric/dreamy synth loops. :purple_heart: