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Byte Music Features AND Benefits for Musicians/Song Writers! 🎸!


Hey guys I’m a Musician, and I make music for a living. I had some thoughts that could open up a door for music creators on the platform!

What do you think of these 3 (A, B, & C) suggestions!?

As a Vine Artist/Musical Artist
A. How about a feature where (similar to hashtags) you’re able to click a song to see what other vines exist using that same song!? :open_mouth:

OR Perhaps

B. it links to the official account for the artist of that song?
This could present an opportunity for the platform to not only acknowledge the work of some musical artists, but also the opportunity to break artists on the platform, simply through super popular vines, that use their music (vines that otherwise no one would really every know or inquire who the musical artist is)

As a User I honestly just want to be able to sync my iTunes, Apple Music or Spotify acc. to use songs that are in my library in my vines! because having an infinite library would just be the dopest!
being able to ad songs to my vines is what allowed me to actually make my past vines hilarious.

So grateful to be part of this forum and able to share my thoughts and ideas like this, that really effect Music Creators like me! Please give any and all feedback!

Also, If anyone’s interested in who I am as an artist this is me :smiley: :raised_hands:t5::


I agree with all of this. I hope to have feature sthat will help people expand creator’s/musicians/artists audiences. It’s why I’m excited for V2 as musician myself. Also, your music has a nice feel to it. Hope to see you grow.


Thanks man! for the kind words about my music!
I’m also happy to know that someone else sees value in these suggestions! :slight_smile:

  • Colin


B is a fantastic idea, and made me think of how to expand on that.

I’d like to see a way in which artists can post tunes (or even snippets) that can be “Vine-able”.

This could serve well for all artists because the video-creators can utilize songs without the worry of copyright infringement and the musicians can get their music promoted when snippets of their tunes end up in people’s videos.


Part B sounds interesting. How about “Byte,” being utilzed with Google Home or Alexa?