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Byte mottos


but guys…

i think this seems like a thing byte could of had
since it has a limited time for videos

whats your moto idea for byte?


it makes sense [in a way] for tik tok to have that, cause tik tok = clock = time…so


I think bytes motto will come naturally like do it for the :vine: was just created by a little girl dancing so maybe it will come on his own


Every byte is delicious.



Yes I agree with this bot


“Hey guys so great to be back!”


“Life bites without Byte”
“Having fun one Byte at a time”
“Make every Byte count”
“Do it for the Byte…We know you’ll do it😏”
“Byte me!”
“Six seconds of heaven”
“Creativity by loops and bounds”
“Byte: Vine but better”
“A second chance at six seconds”


Byte, sixes second


Six and a half second to be funny.
Come and byte me. xd
Byte time (sorry, super bad mottos)


the whole world. in a single byte. :sparkles:

a big world of little videos(ie the old v2 twitter page)


hell yeah


Ima byte u UwU




Idk but I’m gonna be disappointed if they don’t use “byte sized” when talking about the vids


byte me rawr


Heres my motto: Lets have a byte!


Y’know that saying about, like, eating elephants? You’ve gotta do it one bite at a time?

Maybe something like… “Take life one byte at a time.”

Pretty cheesy, I know. It’s all I could think of.


How bout “Byte”