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Byte merch for gaining (certain amount of followers)


Hello my fellows! I just got an idea, for once, about some rewards you could get when you reach a certain amount of followers on Byte, like YouTube, they give you golden play buttons so I feel like Byte should give something out too.

I don’t really know what yet, but one could be a nice box packed with a lot of free merch inside, maybe a Byte designed suitcase, this is just food for thought though, but I like the idea.
Thank You



yes, this is a good idea, I would love it :slight_smile:


I would love for merch and other goodies to be given to certain creators which reach certain milestones.

That would be amazing…


They give you a online little certificate at 6.5k, pin for 65k, a big logo for 650k and a golden byte logo for 6.5m, because its all like the seconds (6.5)


I like the idea, would be cool to get a small physical reward for it


this is it chief

i am so sorry


Wow that is a genius way of doing it! GOD I love Byte already!


The Byte Team is transparent, vocal and always available. They were probably always planning something like this. :hugs:Shout out to @Sammmm’s idea


or 65k :stuck_out_tongue:


…and mine.


6.5k its like 6.5 sec hmm smart


This is a good idea but what is a “big logo”


Oooo that would be super fun!


That’s an awesome idea


YES! Man I don’t know what it is about merch but it’s just so exciting


Shit I forgot how to math


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Good job bot boy


Yes I love this idea


Yeaaa Its a great motivation booster