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Byte Meetup


GUYS - If 1,024 Byters meet up… It’d be a Kilobyte. Food for thought. Don’t know how it applies to anything else, though…


Omg, why is there a giraffe in my kitchen?

That’s smart tho, really.


:umwtf: :neutral_face:


Don’t read into it too much. Just flexing my Dad joke muscles.


This applies to everything in life; do not worry. This is simple genius.


this is it chief.


hahahahahhaha let’s do it at some point on the future


Kilobyte would be a good name for a meetup convention like vidcon or something


haha just make sure it doesn’t end up like tanacon lol


Now im in Mexico. i wish i were i USA. But, idm thats a good idea for meet us :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That was clever. Props.


If there was a UK meetup id probably go :thinking: