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Byte logo uppercase or lowercase?


I know this is super random but when you look at the Byte logo do you see the B as uppercase or lowercase? Some days I see it as a normal uppercase B and other days my brain processes it as a fancy lowercase b. What do you think? :thinking:


  • Uppercase
  • Lowercase

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i accidentally pressed lowercase rip, but it’s probably an uppercase


it’s lowercase because dom said it’s trademarked as byte, not Byte

hope this helps (:


Maybe its both, like some kinda optical illusion :sweat_smile:


it’s a lowercase b in cursive



it is indeed a lowercase b, and can be seen when we pay attention, but at first glance, it looks like a capital B. Perhaps its cause the ending line touches the loop


I didn’t want to say this for a while because it sounded rude but why do all the experts start their sentences in lower case?


You sound really jealous don’t come for 'em.


Totally agree


cause i’m too lazy to use uppercase :joy:


i just have my auto capitalization off bc i prefer to type like this informally, but when i have to type correctly, i do


Or it could be a 6

Mind blown


Flow why u gotta bring in logic into this shit


Oh no rip. But yea it’s probably uppercase :smile:


Oh thank u. That actually does help :ok_hand:


Ooooo maybe :joy::joy::joy:


Ohhhhh I see. Thank u haha :smile:


Oh yea. The ending touching the loop definitely throws me off :blush:


Maybe their phone isn’t set to ha e automatic uppercase. Or it’s a preference idk haha :sweat_smile:


Oooooffffff what have u done. Now I cant unsee :joy::joy::joy::upside_down_face: