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Byte from a few months ago to now


That beard though


dom is probably tweaking rn that his deleted twitter videos got leaked haha


That would be a cool feature


Tomorrow the Domcast is happening fellas, big questions will be answered by Dom himself:O


So you can hear it and suggest questions if you are in the Discord at 1 PM EST, Correct?


ask questions but hearing it will be through the video


@kaden when will you guys be able to get the video up?

Update: nvm


cant wait for it to be released


Byte nation


I’m really grateful that this was shared, thank you for showing the sneak peaks and keeping a record of the developments, it’s really interesting (as well as exciting) to see it.


This makes me so excited! So proud of Dom and the team for all their hard work and effort!




Bumping this


Nah, fam.


Yes, fam.


I just hope there’s an option to download videos, if creators give permission.


its the small things that make huge differences, i would love to see this


I’m excited to see this app grow!


byte hype


holy sh*t! I never saw these. Currently loosing my cool…:star_struck: