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Byte from a few months ago to now


major improvements by the legendary dom for byte

(video of byte from like a few months ago)

(video of byte from like 2 months ago)

(recent video of byte, shoutout to @Rafiki for this footage xd)

patience is key, dom has done a lot to make this app perfect for almost everyone, and has loads of more original features coming soon, so major shoutout to him!

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I was looking everywhere for these, this is super cool!

It really shows the development process…I’d legit wanna keep this video around when byte is at it’s 2nd-3rd+ years and see how’s it evolved further!


i might be blind but isn’t the only difference the record button?


wait wait wait…

at the end of the older version on the bottom of the screen it said “streaming”


In the new one it also showed who liked the post


it looks like the sliding is way smoother and like the sizing of things has changed for the better


Tbh, I really liked having square videos but portrait is fine too. The interface of the app looks cool and new great design(That’s really good) but I think it is hard to get used to( We will get used to it anyways) .


You will still be able to do the squared, you will have the option it
Believe I saw Dom say this so yea


and what does the streaming means in the photo is that for going live


no idea ()()()()


I agree. A lot of people have been trying to rush him to make something like the original vine app, but what they don’t realize is that this is a second chance that we have to get a good video looping app, and if he rushes, then it could turn out bad.

The videos show the many improvements and tweaks that can happen if people are just patient.


I agree with this


The videos are getting me mad excited :laughing:


I know Dom is like a god to all of us, but remember he now has a team working with him to make Byte happen. They deserve some credit too.


Wow this has came so far! Im so happy to be in this!


Umm, so I don’t know if this is a major improvement to byte, and it’s also been a few months of difference. Idk, seems a little underwhelming.


During the few month period, im pretty sure a lot more features got added but it didn’t show.




Yeah, I know. I just say Dom because he is the one who started it and kind of represents the whole team, and plus, he sometimes posts progress of the app on his Twitter. I do acknowledge how much the rest of the team has working the team has put in though.


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