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Byte Forums App


I think when the Byte app becomes successful (I hope) you guys (the staff at Byte) should make this forums a real app and have it linked to your Byte account or use your old account (the ones being used right now).


that really sounds fun! i was wondering if there was an app because i frequently use my phone to visit the forums.


iirc, the forums use the Discourse forum software. There’s an app for it :slight_smile:

Look up: Discourse Hub by Discourse on the App Store


If you have a iPhone you can save the website then click Add to Home Screen so you can just go straight to the forums from a app it makes which is what I do! Idk if you can do this with other phones but give it a try


But it would be cool if there was like a official app


Omg that would be so cool. The popularity of the forum would grow so much. There would be new posts an topics every minute.


There is an app, install Discourse Hub by Discourse on the App Store & then log in to the forums like you normally do. (:


i’m already settling on opening it on my phone’s browser, but I agree with that


My take on it is to have an integrated. Mainly because I don’t want to have to log into 2 apps at the same time while taking up space on my phone


Wouldn’t the app be the community aspect, so the forums won’t be needed


Yea so and the prob won’t have enough time so they will probably just end the forums and give everyone a badge whoever sign up before the first beta release.


@Sammmm the thing is, feed back and good ideas can be more easily seen on the forum, and the forum community will be different then the app community since you can make long, text posts