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Byte for iPad

Hello, everyone! :wave: Simple question with a few follow-ups:

Most popular social media apps support iOS, but not all of them necessarily support iPadOS. Will byte have a dedicated app optimized for iPadOS? Is it deemed necessary? Should it be prioritized more or less than byte’s iOS version? And finally, will this amount of priority for this iPadOS app be partly based off of the new features shown at WWDC 2019? :thinking:


I think it should be prioritized less than iOS bc majority has iOS. Not saying that having iPadOS is a bad thing, just thinking of the “greater good” lol


i used the beta on my ipad and just like on vine and snapchat, it has an option to zoom into a bigger frame, but it doesn’t fully cover the screen, but i’m honestly okay with that. i’m used to it and it’s still fully functional


I think it shouldn’t be prioritized, but should work well and in full screen. Maybe without the ability to record videos but with the ability to get a small preview of previous and following bytes on the side.