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Byte For Dummies!


Wait! don’t flag this! I know this looks like a straight up rip-off
Of V2 for Dummies by @Super but this is just an update
(This currently everything that’s been confirmed for byte by Dom)

  1. There’s gonna be a left handed mode
  2. Video’s are gonna be exactly 6.5 seconds and will loop seamlessly
  3. There’s gonna be a teams feature
  4. Dom says that he’s waaaaay ahead on the curve with a community feature and a camera feature but these features have yet to be specified
    5.There will be much more chances for beta (but we don’t have an exact date for any of those beta signups)
  5. There will be a sort of badges feature for byte that Dom hasn’t said much on all we know is that beta testers will get a special badge on there
  6. Video’s can be portrait or square
    8.No CURRENT name reservation system is in place
  7. There’s gonna be preloaded thumbnails for video’s (which means no clickbait)
  8. The only official accounts are and aswell as and last but not least
  9. There will possibly be a offline mode were you can download an 1 hour of byte’s for if you are going on a plane
  10. blasts will be a seasonal feature

Dom tweeted a secret LEAK

BTW for some reason the numbers are out of place and look like I put 8 twice


thank you sir this helped me out being a dummy myself


u missed out the official youtube and instagram


You’re awesome Vic! :sunglasses:


Thanks for reminding me!


This post might be closed due to their already being a sort of update to V2 for Dummies called “Byte Crash Course for new users!”


I just found it so rip me


Search bar😠


Vic u da man. I been asking for this for ages


I needed this handbook to give out to peep who go “wuts byte”…boooooy slaps face with book


Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Decided that i should update this list seeing as dom has announced a lot of new features