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yes, of course


still want the source


I never saw anything about that. Source please?


As I stated in the main topic it was an update to the post by him.


We will have usernames on the beta but it will not be saved when the actual app launches on the app store


dont worry i got you


Understandable, but you have to remember you’re creating a similar topic to V2 For Dummies! which already outlines known information of the service, and adoptable terms. If you feel it’s not up-to-date direct message Super on the forum, or discord (he’s always on disco), to interchange the application name throughout the topic.


I don’t remember seeing Staff say usernames won’t be carried over from public beta to launch. I’ve always gone with this, and never saw anything else related to it.


Closed due to duplicate topics. I appreciate the effort though. Be sure to search before creating a new topic.