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Byte Community Podcast 4!



On behalf of @kaden and the rest of the byte community discord staff, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be recording the fourth byte podcast tonight!

Because this is relatively last minute, we thought it would be best to limit the number of users directly involved with this podcast. ( but don’t worry - it’ll be posted on the byte community YouTube channel in a timely manner :wink: )

Since this podcast is really for you, we would love to know what the forum members want to hear us discuss. post on this thread with topic ideas and questions you have surrounding the app. If you see a post you’d like to see discussed, make sure to give it a :heart: so we know which topics are most wanted by the community!

Keep in mind that this podcast will be recorded later today, so make sure to get your ideas in as soon as possible!

Thank you & we look forward to you contribution!


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been a minute


The revolution.


Good post👍 Let’s talk about the bulletins


subscriber milestones


yay!!! I love these podcasts.




Can anyone give a time and timezone? Cause tonight doesn’t really explain when.


Yeah, sorry it’s pretty vague. Kaden said probably around 6pm est, but it’s not set in stone.


more beta information por favor
i know kaden knows juicy info about it🍆


No you’re not going


how? u magic or something?


hmm i think i get it

Lex is a bot who knows all


I know y’all are hype about another podcast (I am too, fr) but please try to post topic suggestions & refrain from going off-topic.

ALSO - I know it’s upsetting that this won’t be a public recording, but please please please make sure you’re on the discord for further community wide events! :heart:


Make the HELPERS into staff


Topic suggestions:

Byte Bulletins (further in-depth discussion)
Sam Sheffer video (hype around the app)
New Mods (chosen by the Byte team)
Beta (for obvious reasons)
Spring Launch Date predictions (just curious)
App expectations and speculations (also curious)
Forum dramas (and the future of the forums)
New Twitter Teasers (From Dom and Byte team)
Speculation on App’s success after launch (fun thought experiment)
What’s changed/happened since the last Podcast? (it’s been a minute. lol)


What are your thoughts on requirements, or qualifications for the Creator Program?


Who’s gonna be in the podcast cause I just want to listen


What are some qualities of other video-based sharing apps (TikTok,, Vine, Instagram) that you want to avoid in Byte?