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*byte bulletin #3*


the 3rd beta sign up should only be open to people who have been signed onto the forums for a minimum amount of time! like at least before the first beta sign up.


Bump this question


I’m curious on if you guys have found a solution to rebytes? Or if we are going to have to wait a little bit after the app comes out? #ByteFam


Will there be a limit on how short usernames can be? Also, will we be able to start and/or end with a period or underscore? (Twitter and Instagram do not allow that)


Minimum character limit for usernames cause i just want mine to be RU


No rebytes in the first version will come later on !


thank you so much and @Daniel i like your questions!

Will our watch history be tied into the algorithm?


I like this idea, makes it fun


Never was confirmed totally brother they are working on a system :raised_hands:t2: #ByteFam


I hope there is but , i doubt there will be in the first release. We will just have to see.


This is fantastic cant wait for byte to to come out to bring some joy into the world, this world defiantly needs happiness right now.


Thanks for the update queen.


Thanks for the information! Love these Byte bulletins! :heart:
I am really excited about the “preorder” and the 3rd beta launch!


Question unrelated to byte but still a little relevant.

What happened to the crown fundraising app you guys were working on? I forgot the name of it. I think it was cashiba or cashsomething


I have this question as well. Also, are people allowed to have multiple accounts?

Thanks for the info this far @cami_p!


Yes there will be an option to have multiple accounts. I think it was said in the last one


Will brand names be reserved? So you could have your name set as pringles or walkers (not that I’d want to just wondering)




how many friends will you be able to add byte beta and how long will it take for them to get into it


Can’t wait!