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*byte bulletin #3*


bro, I love this so much, My third world country ass has a shot at entertaining everyone!


That’s amazing! Thanks for the update famalamadingdong.


Exactly what I thought. The beta was supposed to initially release in January, it is now mid March and Dom has indeed confirmed that Beta is this month ! But yet again there is no news on the actual date and the next byte Bulletin could potentially be in April …

Dunno the future is mystic …


We still have a couple weeks of March left so no worries. Just be excited we got some news today.


I have really high expectations for Byte!!! I’m getting seriously so excited for ir to oficially come out. I only hope it does justice to old vine and doesn’t become extra cringe like / tik tok did!

I feel like actually great people became famous on vine, and they deserved it! Also it was just like an era and I miss it very much so hopefully byte will be the next huge thing!? Anyone got more opinions on this??


Thank you for all the updates! Appreciate it a lot <3


Thanks for the update!


It’s very heartwarming to see people return to the forums. I love seeing this whole project turning into something very meaningful.


it is truly amazing, we are always glad to see people return


Thanks for the update. :beers: :beers:


Thank you Cami very cool and hyped for byte.


Ohhh I smell something, I think a @Flo video is coming


Personally, I think adding Bold, Italics, etc. gives more context to the caption, even though your making a 6.5 sec. video, just an opinion


So hyped let’s go!!!


Mystic indeed


I’d like to see cryptocurrency integration so that we can tip each other. Dogecoin is one type of coin that people like to tip with, for example.


It’s an interesting idea do some live streaming apps use this premis? It seems familiar


h y p e d


Will there be a way to block certain language content from our own feeds? It can be really frustrating to scroll for minutes getting content that you can’t even understand, especially if subtitles aren’t Forcibly Required. I feel it would end up making the trending page a place to avoid.


Dude fuck yes! I’m ready to rock and roll :guitar:!