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Byte Bulletin #3 Hype thread


Today is the day for the next scheduled Byte Bulletin, what’s some of your guesses that’s gonna be covered? I bet it’s a beta announcement or a beta reveal date since March is halfway over!!! HYPE IT UP CAMI :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2:


yes :thinking:

my guess is they give a couple screenshots and don’t answer my epic gamer questions


THis is very funny haha #bytefam


the real question is: who isn’t hyped for new bulletins from cami? :thinking:


Let’s see if this bulletin makes me miss my train again


watch them post it at 11:59pm


my guess is: they give us beta timing info and also inform us about dom’s lotion


HYPE!!! #bytefam


LMAO well that’s fine with me cuz I don’t wanna miss my train again :joy:


hoping for a beta date :japanese_goblin:


don’t forget about the expert purge date reveal


They have to give a Beta date… , they will probably show more of the app, inform us with something webdid not know and also maybe the month that they are willing to release the app.

^ I hope so :heart::weary:


There’s an expert purge :eyes:


:persevere: no beta date. At this rate, Beta might be in April. TBH


yeah I was bummed out about that but Dom did say that beta would be released in March, so we still have hope it’s before april :smile:


Yesss he did indeed tweet that out…so I got my hopes up


I was shocked too … weird dunno there is still time hopefully …


same, was really hoping for a date now that we are in mid march :confused:


I know I wanted this one to have a beta date or something but…:no_mouth:


Talk about the new monetization features for byte. I’d like to see how they plan to implent this and how it’s different from Youtube