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*byte bulletin #2*


No it was just a sarcastic post hahah like it will drop in the 29th of february while the month ends on 28th, cuz most of us expected it to be released on february


Yo no joke, I’d be both impressed and shocked if he released on the 29th


yeah it’s crazy that the app is releasing this spring but beta comes out february 29th 2020


Are we there yet?


I thought it was releasing today march first


after I reload the page it was already deleted


Thank you for the bulletin #2.
My question is: what about the language of Byte or translations? Can we help translating the platform?


NY or LA launch party :crazy_face:


I am super excited! Keep up the great work!


thank you!


My question is: Will there be another byte beta signup for the people who missed the first two signups, before the app releases?


Sort of a duplicate question I’m just asking it here instead idk if other people have already asked. How long or short are user names allowed to be?


Will we be able to record videos without holding the button down? Like in snap you can “lock” the camera so you can walk away and it keeps filming.


Will we be able to film piece by piece like V original? @cami_p


Will we be able to upload our own profile picture, not having to choose an avatar? @cami_p



Stupid question:
How long can the video be at max and how long must the video be at minimum?
Is it the same as V*ne?


I believe it’s 2 seconds minimum and 6.5 seconds maximum.


Once the Beta stages are out. Will it be long after till the app is released?

Thank you. :slight_smile:


Tomorrow bulletin #3 (?)


Hope so!