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*byte bulletin #2*


Question: What will you do if people add their own music to their video as like a speaker next to the phone, also what editing features will you add to the 6 second videos?


Will the users for the first wave beta also get the 2nd and so on? Or like then 2nd wave of beta users get the 2nd and 3rd and so on? Like will ppl that signed up for a certain wave be able to test the waves after that one? Like will they have access bc they already tested a previous one?
Does anyone get what im trying to say? Im not good w words.


What are any possible setbacks that could halt the app’s release/production?


Legal Hurdles.


Thank you for this bulletin!


Dom actually addressed that a while back, he said that the plan was for followers/bytes/likes to transfer over from the beta to the global launch


This is awesome news!! Thanks for the update! :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3:


As an ongoing program will users be able to “reapply” for the Creator Program?


I have a few question (I think that some of them have already been asked in this thread but whatever)

  1. Will there be any verification marks specifically for certain groups such as companies/organizations, musicians, brands, etc?
  2. Will there be a way to turn likes, comments, and other metrics off on specific bytes.
  3. And finally, the best for last. Can we get some more bonus pics :pleading_face::smiley:


thanks for the updates!


Have creators bean picked and how were they notified


He said beta will be released in March on twitter yesterday, the tweets now been deleted. at least we know it is very very close now.


Will Byte have jailbreak or root detection?


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Dom confirmed on twitter beta is in march!


When? I’m curious i couldn’t find the tweet.


He deleted it, there’s a few threads on here with the tweet


Hey everybody I saw a post that said ´Beta is coming tomorrow¨ and when I opened it´s said was private and I couldn’t see anything


Seriously wheree ?


Here is it buddy