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*byte bulletin #2*


Thanks Cami!
Just a quick question (not sure if this has already been answered):
When the app becomes public and out of beta, will the app start fresh or will information (ie. videos, follower counts, etc.) transfer over?

Thanks for these bulletins!


Super excited for this spring, it can’t come any sooner. :grin:

I have but one question, would you consider a way to see past moderation history? Such as viewing warnings that are marked to your account, ect.

Naturally they wouldn’t be public but for you to see.


we don’t know that yet lol


Yeah I’d like this, Twitter does that where you can translate tweets it’s very helpful.


i like how you’re just like, “yes” lol. if anyone cares i use this kind of lotion it’s one of my favorite brands:


Thats for the insight!


yeah i think companies are getting smart & starting to notice that, instagram has copied snapchat once again & added calling features. twitter has yet to do this, my app is update & i can only dm on there idk if theirs lanning to or not just an observation though.


anyone who signed up for the first beta signup in October ‘18 on the forums will get it first, anyone who signed up for the second beta signups in November ‘18 will receive it after and the window in-between the two rollouts will be small.


i’m loving these badges on the forums, will something similar be on the app?


Yeah I think so :thinking:


Thanks! Appreciate the update @Flo looks like you got another vid to make lmao


everything transfers over btw :ok_hand:


ahaha i’m on it! :joy:


starting to run out of video names for all these Byte updates though :joy: :sob:


@Flo hmm you should title it as this “byte beta is here GONE SEXUAL”… that should rack in lots of views


How will square videos look on the App? (Tease a pic ?) #ByteFam


Great question #ByteFam


Not gonna let this go down the time line


How will reposting of videos be dealt with, along with stealing others’ content and uploading videos from vine?


glad to see there’s no live option. to be completely honest, I’d just like to be on the app all day laughing my ass off at other ideas. let other services have that