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*byte bulletin #2*


Thank-you guys soooo much for communicating with us. This means a lot to me.


Square ratio is best ration it even covers more screen when viewing horizontaly


Golden posts




Just one question …A BETA DATE ! please :sob::sob::heart_eyes::sob:


Sounds great, looking forward to testing!

Thank you for the update.


expansion and more company engagement in the community?

chance for the community to work with/for byte in the future?


Thanks @cami_p for the answeres


Thanks cam, this communication is way more meaningful than you know :slight_smile:

No questions from me for now, just a lot of excitement :cowboy_hat_face:


Thanks for the update! Can’t wait for the launch :laughing:


Oh man this gets me so stoked… It’s really happening!


Thanks Cami for this update! Damn this is really happening guys, I honestly can’t wait for the end result :crossed_fingers:t6:


Thank you so much for the update. Now I feel so close until we get there. Keep it up.


LITERALLY ONLY CONERN is having a similar quality of the app on Android as compared to iPhones.



Great newss guys my only Question ? When is Beta out :heart_eyes:


Hey guys, glad to see the second bulletin up.

My question: If there is an option to privately message, what will it entail? Will the user only be allowed to message or will a ‘call over internet’ option be available?

Personally, I don’t mind messaging, but having the option to call will show potential customers that byte is more advanced than other applications on the market.


no beta date :scream: maybe on the next bulletin :laughing:


The calendar says february isn’t over yet, but in a few days, should we expect the beta in march ?


will both the 24 hour beta sign up and the follow up beta sign up be part of the first wave invites


they’ll be separate i’m sure

the first signup will be the first wave, and the second + twitter signup is second wave