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*byte bulletin #2*


That’s lit


yeee haww



Some additional question

Will we be able to change handles (names)
Have we been told how long each wave of beta will last?


CAMII, I LOVE U :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yessss! I’ve been waiting so long :joy:




Thank you for the updates! We appreciate this!

question - will there be any more beta tests available to us?

I also have a request: Can you please make a reposting feature? Maybe limit it to one rebyte per day or something but I love the reposting part of Twitter and would enjoy it being a part of Byte. Thanks!


I think having 3 social links is perfect!


also I don’t know if you explained the teams yet, but I would love to know how they work!


Thank you so much @cami_p

I have 2 questions please :

  • Is there still gonna be a third beta sign up?
  • And if the public release will be launched in the whole world at the same time? or starting by the united states and then other countries?


woohoo!!! Thanks for the update @cami_p you’re the bomb!!! Already looking forward to the next bulletin!


Verticle ratio still gonna be the go to ratio?

And can we rotate and scale the screen inside the app?


nicey nicey camioli


What will be the character limit for the description box? :sunny: :hatching_chick: :cherry_blossom:




thanks! Can’t wait for the beta


Thanks so much for sharing! This is very exciting!


Real question, are we able to filter out words from being in the comment section? Like I hate the word coochie and I kind of want to remove the ability from it being said in my comment section.


Thanks for the update, @cami_p! :slight_smile: A few questions:

  • Will you guys be adding the ability to use an edit button to edit post captions? If yes, how will it be implemented? Will it include permanent edit history? :memo:
  • Are you all planning on making byte available on app stores other than the Apple App Store and the Google Play store? (i.e. the Microsoft store, the Chrome Web Store, etc.) :shopping_cart:
  • Will we able to use bold, italics, strikethrough, and/or underlining features for our captions?
  • Any plans on 2+ factor authentication? :lock:
  • How do you all plan to manage the official Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube pages for byte respectively? :movie_camera:

*byte bulletin #3*

Damn no release date RIP