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*byte bulletin #1*


OMG SAME ! We need it so bad , but I have a feeling 1st phase will be the exact next day after the next bulletin


next bulletin is possibly tomorrow :eyes: (exactly at the 3 week mark)

written on Wednesday, 2-20 100%


Probs tomorrow or a week tomorrow yeah


Is it today??? Please let it be today :roll_eyes::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


It be when it be, if there isn’t enough info till next week then there isn’t!


Well let’s just hope there is enough info :slight_smile:


So when do you think the open beta will be?


Can every user get notified when there’s a major announcement like this one, like getting an email.
@dom @arf


Not even 5thousand people have seen it, it doesn’t even have 200 likes, engagement is low, y’all can do a better job.


There are 15.3k thousand users here, where are they?


Some are inactive or fell out of the hype, and due to the forum’s service limitations, notifications through it aren’t able to be done. People will be here if they want to be here, and their support matters more than those who don’t care about the project. We can only hope for the best!


Okay :smirk::smirk: :frowning::frowning:


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If you or others want to be notified of new announcements, than you can just set your tracking status on announcements to watching to be notified whenever new topics are posted there :smiley:


the profiles look great!


lol that prediction worked out well


im actually from the future and wrote that on Wednesday 2-20


tomorrow maybe :eyes:


2 - 3 weeks huh :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


hopefully #2 today :crossed_fingers: