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*byte bulletin #1*


You are absolutely right buddy, it’s how it is, Cami said “we are aiming to support Android” which means iOS is fully supported, it’s clear that Byte is being built on iOS. Me=I’ll just buy an Iphone🙄


hooray cool nice and lit


sorry but what you say do not make the slightest sense, Android smartphones (line tops) have the same quality as iPhones (8 / X etc …) and the public that use Android is vastly larger than iOS
my question refers to when the Byte is launched, whether it will be a simultaneous launch (Android / iOS at the same time) or iOS first and then Android


Technologically speaking any app that was created on an android software works better with an android phone, same for iOS and Iphones. It’s not a secret :roll_eyes:duh.


The Android app (probably) is already being developed, it is not possible to make an app for iOS and then post the same file in the Google Play Store, you need to develop the Android application (in APK format)


I know, when i said a copy i mean a clone of the original buddy, you probably have an Android, I have an android too. I know what coding is But I see the truth as it is. I just wanted to give my advice though.


it is easier to develop an application for iOS than for Android and that the interface of iOS is prettier than that of Android and maybe most of the team that is developing Byte use iOS, maybe that’s why we dont have any screenshot/video of Byte on Android :thinking:


True true true!


I believe designing an app on iOS is much easier than Android, simply because there are less variations of Apple products. If you think about it, Android has brands within a brand, so that’s why Dom is likely working on iOS first.


yes i understand that the Byte for iOS will be ready first, my question is whether it will happen a simultaneous launch, because if not, we Android users will lose the hype :neutral_face:


ahh! the UI looks great!!! :grinning: color choices and all! YESSS!


Gotta say the colours are supper super hot


this reason exactly perfectly explains why development for Ios is much easier and far less tedious


I hope that both versions will be up to scratch.

I mean :pray: it needs to hit the ground running from day one


The hype is real


Yeah, and plus there are a lot of iPhone users who signed up for the beta, and if you have half android and half apple, I think most people would try to design it for apple first for that reason


is it alright to make a video recap of v2, byte so far… and include this whole data dump with it?


Aaaaah! Thanks for the updates, this is so good :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Yeah “Great minds think alikE”, I was thinking about a premiere for byte, it can be a live broadcast, they need to do some sort of party “Launch Party”


currently hoping first phase is dropped before the next bulletin