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*byte bulletin #1*


Hummm,:thinking: “interesting” Dom should be a bit careful about showing too much of the app yet because Tik Tok could steal some of it.


Crypto integration? For example, can users accept and send tips in arbitrary crypto coins?


Todo luce muy bien y me emociona saber que cada dia falta menos!!
Sigan trabajando amigos!


Yo tambien me lo perdi!! Puedo hacer algo para que me contemplen?


Que alguien de la beta te invite o esperar a que pongan otra invitación para la beta


Muchas gracias!!
Aqui andamos para cualquier cosa man!!


This is fantastic information thanks :smile:


can we use GIF as an icon?


what the hack. i really exciting!!! my hand is shaky right now, want to push the record button of the byte


Will adult content be allowed?


In the global launch, will the app be available for Android and iOS? or only for iOS?


Pornography will definitely not be allowed…

What do you mean by adult content ?




I’d suggest this post @vtor. It’s pretty informative!


It will be able for iOS and Android


Will there be Live Support, or automated systems for reporting issues such as: account retrieval, harassment, impersonation?


Will someone be able to totally delete their account? Or only “close” it like Amazon or Facebook?


thank you


We all know that most professional creators build their original apps with an iOS software, a copy of byte will be published on Android. Technologically speaking it’s better to have an Iphone if you’All are planning to create content and get more impressions. It’s a fact not a theory.:smirk::smirk:


but we have no confirmation about preference of software for byte, and android has more users overall using their phones. it would make more sense to treat android equally and not miss out on a huge market :thinking: