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*byte bulletin #1*


What is the age restriction?


13 year old


Makes sense


Is something going to happen to people who constantly mass follow and unfollow a huge amount of people later on (which I think is frustrating :eyes: )?


I haven’t been on here since late last year, and I’m so excited to see that all this progress has been made.


OMG its actually happening :heart_eyes:


This is amazing news!


I signed up originally with and LG Stylo 2 but now i have and LG Stylo 4. Can u please update the list cami? Idk if it’ll make a difference simce it’s still an droid but it has different software.


Will there be more beta invitations?


Que ansieade


@sydknoxx Yeah


Yes, There will be invitations


Wow thanks for so much detail!


Will there be a Byte booth at Playlist Live Orlando this year?


Omg a lot to read, and a lot to be excited about!


Good read, and thanks a lot for the update!


so late to this but this honestly exceeds my expectations of what I thought the byte app would look like! I hope all the people working towards the new app know how much we all appreciate it!


i’m LOVING the design of the app


So will usernames, followers, and content from beta stay available for interaction when the full application releases?


I am wondering about all the content that will uploaded in the beta stage that may go unseen when the full app releases though.