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Another question, can there be a feature where we can tell our fans that the video is being sponsored? Like how instagram has a caption above a users post that says “Paid-Partnership by _____.”


My friend is sad that she did not even sign up on this community and she feels as if it is too late.

My questions are:

For the people that are not apart of, is it a disadvantage for them?

Will they and their content be recognized?

Will they be able to create an account and make content on the launch date?

Will they be able to become a creator that eventually will go to meet ups and what not?

Is it too late for them to sign up here?

All asked by my friend who is worried that she will not be able to get recognized because she is not apart of this community

She does not want to sound as if she wants to get famous, but she really wants to work hard towards creating content and is afraid she might not be noticed/recognized for her work.


Have i missed the beta invites into the beta version into the app?


The first few, yes. We may have more in the future though.


Thanks @kaden - what is the best way to get “on the list” for BETA?


Participate in discussion, and wait for another signup!


Keep an eye on the forums. There will be signups in the future for beta opportunities


hey your friend shouldn’t feel like that, it’s never too late to make an account on here! the app hasn’t even came out yet so she’s definitely not late to join us

you are both welcome to join our byte community discord and make buds there! best place for talking to other fellow byters :grin:

start connecting with the community on here and the discord and i am sure you will get some recognition! don’t doubt yourself

here’s a link to join:


Will the theme choice stay on just your profile, or will others be able to see it?

(confusing so let me clarify)

If I chose Blue for my theme, but Randy choses pink for their theme, when randy visits my page, will they see Pink or Blue? (and how will these different colors affect the explore page? each video highlighted in the creators color or the explore page entirely in the viewers chosen theme?)

Thank you for the update Cami and team!!


same question…i believe it would be for everyone


(This is just my opinion)
1 We have more advantages beacuse we are in the forums, so we know things about byte faster and more stuff. However I don´t think that being in the beta means that you will have success.

2 Success will come with your actions, For example if you upload bytes evryday or stuff like that.

3 You know, I missed 2 beta sign up, but I thing I made it in a sign up in twitter


pronoun inclusive! that’s awesome


This is so exciting !!!


this post was so helpful thank you !!!


Cant wait!


Super solid, tons of info, thanks for taking the time to get everyone up to speed! :raised_hands:


So cool thank you! :heart_eyes:


do you have a new time in mind for the first phase?


will we eventually be able to upload a video directly from the computer


Will you be able to easily toggle between a Dark Mode and light mode?